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they (en), yel (fr), etc.
Nairm & Birrarung-ga, Kulin biik
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My BookWyrm account is @wrul --- and that one does actually see regular use!

My user avatar is a desaturated photo of a rainbow lorikeet feeding on orange gum blossoms.

(Header image? Only a single, transparent pixel.)

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wrul @wrul
Nov 30, 2022
but a simple sweet potato

please excuse this :ipomoea:

The v rough old draft emoji is mine, based on a woodblock print, 'SWEET POTATO FOR SEED', which was published in 1895 by David Syme & Co. The print is held by the State Library of Victoria

It's just making a wee appearance to help me investigate various media settings.

Nov 30, 2022, 03:15
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wrul @wrul
Nov 26, 2022

hiya! #introduction?

i’m taking.. consults watch …the pandemic off from facilitating productions in the arts, and your more in-person aspects of activism and advocacy in community. meanwhile, a lot of my attention has been on decolonial thought & practice; issues in community organising; urban nurture of ecology; multilingual stenography theory; dance and music from xentonal/-rhythmic/-timbral and social perspectives; mechanics of bicycles in terms of adaptive cycling; and assessment of wheelchair design. i conduct a lot of wobbly darning and weaving now, too. & hang on—what’s that! a somewhat begrudging interest in computing?

in recent years, i’ve been considering a variety of ways to build a cosy venue on the internet for a small bunch of people. i’m personally rapt with the gemini protocol (despite being yet to get serving anything in gemspace), but reckon the go may be a pubnix-socmed blend that maintains some connection webward. cue intermittant wild duckpaddling to learn What Does a Sysadmin and How Can a Novice?

so hello fediverse! i’m mainly doing gentle stress tests of possible platforms, examining administrative minutiae, and scouting ahead for the hazards, to try and ensure a proactive, comfortable, and adaptable environment from the very beginning, especially for multiply marginalised people.

sorry my posts’ll skew naive and techy and meta for a while as a result. and heads up, i often can’t type or press buttons accurately, so online i am much less conversational than i’d like. but nonetheless lovely to meet you!

Nov 26, 2022, 10:02
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